Programming advice for college students

December 9, 2006

During my undergraduate studies, I had to deal with many subjects, semester after semester which did not have a fleeting resemblance to what I thought was needed for a Computer Engineering course. Stuff like solving circuit diagrams in advanced electronics, studying mechanical drawing and metal casting or solving highly advanced integral equations. This was probably because I always equated the course with “studying programming” i.e coding and studying algorithms with a bit of low level machine design thrown in.

So often I used to think about what is exactly needed to become a good coder or what are the important things that someone aspiring to excel in the programming domain should keep in mind? I wasn’t too bright on the answer at that time and I still cannot belt out advices on the fly because I am myself a tiny little budding programmer right now. But these are some articles that every aspiring programmer out there should read. How to become a Hacker?. This page has further interesting links to read some of which are Teach yourself programming in ten years, Advice for Computer Science College students and Undergraduation.



November 28, 2006

I am currently going through the Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs by Sussman which is considered to be a Computer Science classic text. The most interesting thing it started with is the Scheme language, which is a dialect of LISP (List Processing Language).
More updates on this soon.

Meanwhile the patient ones can chew on this essay: No Silver Bullet: Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering